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Topic 1.


Someday every man starts to think about his career. It is a very important decision. Because of it many people try to get good education, broaden their skills and decide on a career plan. Ambitious people often decide on a career plan while they are still at school or university.
I think I am ambitious enough. That’s why I have a career plan. Career plan is important to start a career, because you can evaluate your positive and negative professional sides and considering them, you can decide about your career, what you want and can do in the future. Also you can understand what kind of education do you need with your career plan and it will help you with the choice of job after you finish the university. I would like to work in finance or in management. Because of it I chosen this faculty in the university. I think it is important to get necessary education.
I prefer to work for myself. That’s why I think I should get more than one education. I want to get education in social sphere or in legal sphere. In my opinion, it can help me to make career moves and get more promotions. It can help me to make my own business right way. But also I think that it is good to try to work for some company I’m interested in for some time to understant how it works. It can become a good experience for me.
Career move is something you do in order to progress in your job. You should make a list of your priorites and you should outline tasks for the day. Write down your goals, evaluate your progress ans stay focused. It can help you to reach a promotion , a positive career move. You should learn how to work through others and always look for opportunities to broaden your skills. Socialise with colleagues, create your own goals. To improve your career, you should be clear about what you want. Take time off and relax, seek satisfaction. And remember, if you believe you deserve a promotion, ask for one.

Topic 2.

Selling online.

There are many people all over the world who work in the Internet and really make money on it. It is not very surprisingly because it is very convinient to work at home in any time and everybody has this opportunity. It is the best option for people who can’t get an usual job or for people who have not got good education or for people who want extra income. There are thousands ways to earn money in the Internet. The steps to starting an online business are the same as starting any other business. However, doing business online comes with additional legal and financial considerations.
One of the most common business online is selling. Millions of people do shopping in the Internet every day. I think, buying goods online is very convenient. You can save much time and you can view all goods on the shops’ websites.
I bought perfumes, air tickets and concert tickets online. And I think I shall buy something else online, because it is very comfortable. Also we can find some goods, which are cheaper in the Internet, than in the shops. And I am confident that I will get my order in time.
Also the costumers prefer to shopping online and stop shopping in a brick-and-mortar retailers because there are many shops in the world, but the selection of the goods is very limited and prices are high and people get comfortable with shopping online.
That’s why shopping online are more attractive to customers nowadays.

Topic 3.


There are many kinds of companies in the world nowadays. That’s why we have such a modern life. The first type of company is multinationals. They are the most visible of companies, which are very large and have their branches in different countries. Also these global companies have their own corporate culture. The examples of this type of company are Microsoft, Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Intel, the full list of which we can find in the Forbes magazine. As for good and bad points of global companies, I can mention that all companies that I know try to increase the quality of their products, as they want to be the leaders in competition. Moreover, every company is always want to know opinions of their customers about their products, to receive some suggestions, how to improve the product.
The second type of companies is small and medium-sized enterprises. Tens or hundreds of employees work in such companies. SMEs are the main support of economy in many countries.
The third kind of companies is small business. A few employees work in such firm, but these companies are also very important, because one day such firms can become SMEs or even multinationals of tomorrow. Many governments all over the world support small businesses.
The next type of business units are sole traders. The one-man, who worked in big company, than left it and start to work on their own, using expertise they have gained with them.
Also there are companies with shareholders. Every type of companies wants to survive, in other words, they want the money coming in has to be more than money going out. But the companies with shareholders want return on investment. These companies can be publicly quoted companies, which show their shares on a stock exchange, and private quoted companies, which choose not to have their shares openly bought and sold.
The key is profitability. What works for one person may not work for others.
Also success of the company depends on what kind of company it is. But always success of the company depends on employers and employees, their work and strategy of the company. The goods or services, which produced by this company should be attractive and convenient to customers. Products and services must be easy in using, interesting, cheap and qualitative. Also the company should have good style, image and advertisement.

Topic 4.

Great ideas and innovations.

Long time ago people have been inventing things that changed their lives and made it more pleasant and comfortable.
Innovation is rarely a source of competitive advantage on its own. But we can’t say that there is no role in for the great innovator with great idea. For example, the imagination of Walt Disney created a company which is still without rival. So we can say that great ideas are one of the main parts in progress of our life and it also could bring money. Great ideas bring great money.
Great ideas are generated in different ways. It can be born simply when a company takes advantage of an opportunity to expend a product, to offer more choice to exciting customers.
Some great ideas are generated in company by help of customers. They can help any firm in it very much.
If an idea is really good and the product fill a gap in the market, it may even win an award for innovation.
On the other hand, some products are developed in response to employees research. If the company is large, some employees of this company can have really great ideas.
Companies which are prepared to spent a lot of money on R&D may make a breakthrough by having an original idea for a product, which others copy later.
Of course companies of research and development are usually founded at the base of university science like Oxford, Harvard and others. These companies write business plan to raise the investments. They also find people to manage the new company and recruit a staff of scientists to work.
In conclusion, I can say that the great idea is very important to success in any business, but it is only 10 percent of success, but other 90% is hard working for this idea of many people.
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Английский язык. Topic

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